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Funding Made Simple.

Funding in NJ

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Receive up to $10,000,000 for your Business in as little as 24 hours!

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Funding in NJ is essential for businesses striving to grow in today's competitive market. At 1 Umbrella Funding, we specialize in simple funding options, understanding the specific financial needs in New Jersey. Whether it's quick funding for urgent needs or comprehensive funding in New England services, we've got you covered. Our expertise extends to funding Connecticut, ensuring a wide reach and impact. While funding in NJ remains a key focus, our services also cater to broader regions, offering funding in New England and funding in Connecticut, ensuring comprehensive coverage. The versatility of our funding in Connecticut services complements our funding in NJ offerings, creating a robust financial support system across the region. Understanding the unique demands of funding in New England allows us to tailor our quick funding and simple funding solutions effectively for each area, including NJ and Connecticut.

Products We Offer

Purchase Order Financing

Lines Of Credit

Real Estate Financing

Working Capital

SBA Loan

Equipment Financing

Need Business Capital Fast?

Our quick funding solutions have helped 7,000+ businesses and can help yours, too.


1 Umbrella Funding provides strategic working capital up to $10M on the same day of approval.


No Minimum Credit Required. 

Get Funded in 3 Easy Steps

At 1 Umbrella Funding, we simplify the sign-up process so you can focus on meeting your business needs, from payroll to buying more inventory during busy seasons.



Fill out our online form help find the solution for you.


Get Approved

Pre-Approval usually within 24 hours.


Receive Funding

Accept your terms and the funds are on the way!

+1 Billion in financing Secured

+ 15 years experience

Less Than 24 Hours Funding

7000+ Business Funded

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All you need to qualify

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At least 3 months in business

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At least 10k in monthly gross revenue

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No minimum credit requirement

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itin accepted

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Funding Made Simple.

Visit or fill out one of our applications to learn

How to Secure Funding in New England


Get Funded in 3 Easy Steps:

In the realm of business financing, understanding the nuances of securing quick funding in NJ is critical. Our expertise extends beyond the conventional, offering quick funding solutions that adapt to the ever-evolving financial requirements of businesses. As a testament to our commitment, the payroll loan service is designed for companies needing immediate payroll financing, ensuring they never miss a payroll deadline. Furthermore, our focus on simple funding solutions means uncomplicated, straightforward financial support, aligning perfectly with the fast-paced business environment. In particular, our business loans in New Jersey are a popular choice among local New England enterprises, reflecting our understanding of the regional market's specific needs. This regional insight also plays a crucial role in our cash loan in NJ offerings, providing a lifeline to businesses in urgent need of liquidity.

We simplify the sign-up process so you can focus on meeting your business needs, from payroll to buying more inventory during busy seasons.

  1. Apply: Fill out our online form to help find the solution for you.

  2. Get Approved: Pre-approval usually within 24 hours.

  3. Receive Funding: Accept your terms and the funds are on the way!

Our expertise:

  • +1 billion in financing secured

  • + 15 years experience

  • Less than 24 hours funding

  • 7000+ businesses funded

All you need to qualify:

  • At least 3 months in business

  • At least 10k in monthly gross revenue

  • No minimum credit requirement

  • ITIN accepted

Secure Funding in Connecticut


Navigating the world of funding can be complex, but with our quick funding loan provider, it becomes a seamless experience. We are dedicated to providing simple and quick financial solutions, specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Our approach is centered on understanding and responding to the unique challenges each New England business faces, ensuring they receive the most suitable funding options. For a direct path to our specialized financial services, complete our application form. This step is your gateway to a wide range of financial solutions in Connecticut, NJ, and beyond, allowing your business to thrive and grow in today's competitive market. We are here to assist with all your funding needs, offering guidance and support every step of the way. Apply today!

Some things we offer...

Yes, we fund ITIN clients and business owners with bad to no credit!

Yes, we have consolidation options for clients looking to bring payments down on existing debt. 

Yes, we work with ANY industry

Yes, we can fund your business in as little as a same day wire transfer. 

Yes, We fund troubled or defaulted clients if your business is generating consistent revenue.

Yes , we work with startups if you or your cosigners have at least at 650 credit score


Funded! Supermarket in Puerto Rico! $500,000 / 12 Months, Bi Weekly Payment


Funded! $120,000 at 60 Month terms to finance a vehicle, for a Trucker in Texas!


Funded! Roofing company $350,000 at 6% over 10 years (SBA Loan) 


Funded! $1,200,000 in less than 24 hours for a medical practice in Missouri!

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